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We find it factual that for a mobile solution to be effective, it typically has predefined templates that work correctly on the mobile device. Mobile Data Visualization facilitates access to and understanding of data on mobile devices. Many mobile devices can now help track and collect data to help with improvement and make better-informed decisions, be it for personal growth and development or business and organizational improvements.

The value visualization and analytics bring to data are beyond measures. Analytics helps organizations make better and more informed decisions to achieve goals and promote business success.

Data mapping is the process of creating relationships between different entities. It involves connecting data sources and documenting the process flow for better and more fluid relationships and integration.

Mapping is a crucial first step to uncovering critical insights in data analytics and BI. If data pipes into your IT systems uncharted, analysts won’t know what data sources are redundant, if there are systems that exist without IT oversight (sometimes known as shadow data systems), and if some data is putting unnecessary emphasis on outliers and anomalies (Tableau).

Data Mapping techniques can either be manual, automated, or a hybrid of both methods (semi-automated). With manual mapping, customization can be unlimited based on needs and best fit. It might just be time-consuming and require manual updates. Automation also has its drawbacks; it could be only software or vendor-specific, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. With automation, less technical knowledge is required, there is a low barrier to entry, it would be fast, easy to scale, easy to schedule, and it promotes deployment flexibility. Think CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment)

Power BI has mobile capability in terms of info-communication. We can bring data into Power BI Desktop and create a report, share it to the Power BI service, and view and interact with information/reports and dashboards in the service and Power BI mobile.


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