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Havar Tech Solutions is a group of experienced data engineers, business intelligence scientists, IT consultants, and tech enthusiasts that love to get into the details of statistical analysis. We enjoy discovering new insights that can power the future growth of your company because it is like a unique puzzle waiting to be solved.

We began in the entrepreneurial spirit of IT and software solutions, slowly pivoting with each new client to a more Big Data focus as it became clearer that is where we could provide the best service. Through our dedication to continual improvements and technical experience, we have leveraged new technologies that ensure a more robust data governance system for our clients.

We now bring together our wealth of experience, collaborative spirit, and evidence-based data analytics solutions to generate new insights and solutions for businesses of all sizes. Not only does this future proof your organization, but it allows us to develop innovative systems for Big Data, data governance, and analytics project management and consulting.

Time to elevate your business with the competitive advantage needed to stand out in the market. Reach out to our team today and let us transform your data systems.

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How We Work

As an agile team of experienced IT experts and BI service providers, we fit the needs of your organization or project. We can craft something as simple as an SQL database for future analysis of your customer relations to connect enterprise-scale organizations with the powerful tools needed to gain more data analytics insights.

Our goal is to focus on the unique needs of your project first, listen to your history and culture next, and then develop a solution aligned with your mission and KPIs. We work closely with your team so you feel involved in every step possible. Our communication skills and dedication to collaboration set us apart from other firms more focused on the end result than the growth of your organization.

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